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The Vidatox® Program

The Vidatox® Program is oriented to people who have a confirmed diagnosis of cancer (the best results have been obtained so far on solid tumors) to improve considerably the quality of life and extend the life expectation.

Early diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy (or radiotherapy) and therapeutic vaccinations are the main weapons on which currently the conventional medicine counts on. Many patients, due to the progression of their disease, are not able to resist these therapies but also those who are able to do them suffer the side effects that have an important impact on their well-being. Pain reduction and quality of life improvement is not only pleasing the patient, but also their family, friends and people who cares about.

The standard Vidatox® Program consists of a combination of the following 4 products created by LABIOFAM’s researchers:

  • VIDATOX® 30 CH (Cuban scorpion venom in homeopathic form).
  • VIMANG® (Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immunomodulatory).
  • FeRRICAL® (restoration of nutritional status, source of heme iron).
  • ACITAN® (antioxidant, source of fiber and regulator of gastric disorders).

These products administered in the right way, not only enable the patient to bear the cancer therapies but also reduce in a significant way their side effects. All LABIOFAM products are natural and do not interfere at all with the conventional cancer therapies. Produced in LABIOFAM laboratories, the products are administered by authorized doctors on a controlled environment, the International Center for Health (CIS) “La Pradera” in Havana, Cuba. La Pradera is a facility with all the services of a hospital and the characteristics of a resort.

The program will be carried out as follows:

  • Average stay of minimum one week.
  • The patient must have a companion (mandatory).
  • The patient will be provided with 6 months of treatment in order to continue the therapy at home-base.

Basic services provided by CIS “La Pradera”:

  • Transfer IN/OUT from airport.
  • Double room with breakfast, lunch and dinner included (patient and companion).
  • Initial medical examination.
  • CBC.
  • Eritrosedimentation.
  • Glycemia.
  • Coagulation.
  • Creatinine.
  • Uric Acid.
  • Urea.
  • TGO.
  • TGP.
  • Alkaline Fosfatasi.
  • Chest X-ray: AP (Anterior-Posterior) and Lateral.
  • Daily medical visit.
  • Therapeutic program execution with the products from The VIDATOX® Program.
  • Final report and recommendations for the patient.

Our office in Italy will collect all the information from the patient to be sent to the interested Cuban health center (respecting the privacy) and will organize the trip at 360 °.

The patient, before leaving, must be approved by the Medical and Scientific Committee, that, in some cases, would recommend any other treatments not included in the standard Vidatox Program (i.e. the CimaVax-EGF: therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of lung cancer; CIMAher and Vaxira, monoclonal antibodies). On our website (registration required) there is a section where the patient can upload all his/her clinical information.

Despite the obstacles that persist to accept the traditional and natural medicine as an effective therapy, researchers and specialists from LABIOFAM laboratories continue working to strengthen this noble project. The results are all scientifically supported and are the consequence of an exhaustive research. Do not forget that many of the drugs currently on the market derive from the study of plants and natural products.