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    International consulting services and tailor-made solutions for airlines, airports and companies belonging to the aviation industry. Read More
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    Life quality improvement for cancer patients with the integration of high quality natural products. Read More
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    Monoclonal Antibodies and therapeutic vaccines oriented lung cancer, brain tumor, prostatic, etc.: CIMAvax-EGF, Cimaher (nimotuzumab) and Vaxira (racotumomab). Read More
  • International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN)

    Medical and scientific institute with personalized therapeutic programs with a new vision and success in thousands of patients from all around the world. Read More
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Driven by the need arose in the 60s, due to the lack of vaccines and medicines, and with the aim of obtaining the necessary development of livestock as a strategy for the country, the government created the Cuban Industry of Vaccines and Veterinary Medicine who years later in its evolution became the LABIOFAM group. With the course of time and due to the changes in the global economy as well as the international trade, LABIOFAM started a diversification strategy by creating the foundation for other products such as Organic Pesticides, Hygiene Products, Dietary Supplements of natural origin (Vidatox® 30CH, Vimang, etc.), cosmetics, products for diabetics, etc. The group has an international reputation in the development of major projects for the support of human health worldwide, contributing significantly to the reduction of morbidity and mortality caused by multiple diseases existing, especially, in areas where access results difficult.
All the products provided in the Vidatox Program for cancer patients are developed in LABIOFAM laboratories. LABIOFAM, as well as all production centers, research and development of the biotechnology industry, is composed by other entities of the same field and Universities through which strengthens its research capacity.

Sito Web: http://www.labiofam.cu 

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