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Ferrical®, created by LABIOFAM, is the combination of equine protein hydrolysates, honey, heme iron, proteins, B vitamins and other minerals that act as preservatives. It constitutes an effective formulation that raises the levels of hemoglobin in the blood.
After more than two decades of study, it was concluded that Ferrical® does not create any resistance or intolerance, helping instead to metabolize minerals that are ingested with daily meals. In Italy, Ferrical®, has not yet been distributed.
This natural and organic product minimizes the negative effects of ferroprive anemia (iron-deficiency anemia) without decreasing the levels of zinc in the blood (as in the case of ferrous fumarate), an element that makes it very convenient for use during pregnancy. The Ferrical® helps to improve convalescence and immunosuppression conditions, increasing appetite and restoring an adequate nutritional state.

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