• Airware©

    International consulting services and tailor-made solutions for airlines, airports and companies belonging to the aviation industry. Read More
  • The Vidatox® Program

    Life quality improvement for cancer patients with the integration of high quality natural products. Read More
  • Monoclonal Antibodies

    Monoclonal Antibodies and therapeutic vaccines oriented lung cancer, brain tumor, prostatic, etc.: CIMAvax-EGF, Cimaher (nimotuzumab) and Vaxira (racotumomab). Read More
  • International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN)

    Medical and scientific institute with personalized therapeutic programs with a new vision and success in thousands of patients from all around the world. Read More
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Welcome in AirGoesMagic

The Airware© Company Srl 

AirGoesMagic The Airware Company Srl was founded in 2012 by a team of Engineers and Medical Doctors. We started operating as a consulting company in the aviation industry. Our staff have an extensive experience in multiple businesses fields worldwide together with a high capacity for leadership and corporate culture.
We understand the main requirements across the enterprise. We work actively to formulate in short-term the most appropriate industrial oriented strategies to support new potential ways for business development. We talk and report to entrepreneurs and top management in a straightforward manner exclusively based on plans and figures. Taking advantage of the experience gained we have expanded our scope of action intervening not only supporting the management of the airlines but also opening new horizons as a Global Consulting Services Company.
Our company is organized in two main sectors:

  • Airware©.
  • Health Operator.

Patients of the Health Operator after the registration process can upload their clinical records onto our site so we can send them to the International Health Center “La Pradera”. You can use the main menu located on top of the page to navigate through and explore all our services, as well as via the following addresses which you can directly access with:

The site is on continue development, we hope you will find it friendly intuitive. If so, spread the voice, talk and make comments on social networks, speak about us with friends and relatives.


Consulting services to airlines, airports and companies belonging to the aviation industry. We support the management at 360°.

Health Operator

Travel organization of "all-inclusive" or "ad-hoc" packages for the Health Tourism (Health Tour Operator). We work with the most important medical and scientific research centers that provide the following high quality programs: 

  • International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN): A program that involves rehabilitation services in a personalized plan for patients with neurological diseases under the continuous supervision of an Executive M.D. in Neurology.


  • Vidatox® Program: The Vidatox® family of products are administered (by a licensed physician in a specialized and controlled environment) to patients with diagnosis of cancer to improve considerably the quality of life.


  • Monoclonal Antibodies: Monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic cancer vaccines program to treat different pathologies. CIMAvax-EGF, Cimaher (nimotizumab) and Vaxira (racotumomab).


  • Reconstructive Surgery: The most modern worldwide medicine techniques applied by Cuban doctors for the reconstructive (plastic surgery) and dentistry surgery. Oriented especially to people who have suffered damages following surgery operations for cancer diseases.